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Important Information Pertaining To Private Policy Of Our Conveyancing Business

Our main point of concern is in preventing your privacy that we have with us in the form if your personal information. And the basic person information is like your name, email id, contact number.
We take your descriptive personal information at the time when you want any information from our website. At that time we will give you registration form to fill and in that form you have to fill your descriptive information like your full name, full address, full phone number, and full email address. And we use this information to send you feedback via phone or email.
When a user is only searching our website and downloading some information from our website in that case we will get their presence information and some basic information about that user like their location from where they are accessing our website and also their server name, domain name, their browser type, date and time of accessing our website, etc.
By getting all these information we are able to make our website more attractive because we get user access information and from that we will come to know that on which webpage users are more interested and then we will improve that page according to user’s point of view.
We keep our website secure by having safety software’s with us which are continuously helping our website any unauthorized access or any unwanted access to our website and this unwanted access may harm our website performance.
We never share your personal information with anyone, first we will take permission and then only we will give your personal information to anyone.
Cookie helps to store user’s information on browser when they visit our website. Cookie is a small text files which helps to increase website performance.
Your personal information is stored in our database with full safety.

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