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While buying a home for the first time is without doubt a great event, it comes with its own share of challenges and problems. The very thought of shifting from a rented home to an own home is something that could be really exciting but the problems and challenges that could confront you should also be kept in the mind. There are a number of questions that you will be encountering and a number of loose ends that should be tied up. Hence, taking professional help is of paramount importance. Whenever there is a decision to buy home for the first time, we could be of great help because of our proven track record in this particular area.

First and foremost our main objective is to make the customer feel comfortable and reduce stress levels that often accompany such first home buying decisions. We take it upon ourselves the major tasks starting from the identification stage to the last stage where the ownership gets transferred to the buyer. We usually try and give a check list which will help us to serve our customers better. We do not thrust any property on the customers but instead try and find out their affordability, budget and other such factors before recommended a few properties.

If the customer is new to the location we pay a visit to the property site along with him or her and try to find out whether the property is worth being pursued or not. We do a thorough valuation of the property and ensure that the buyer will be paying the fair market value for the same. We look at the location, scan the neighborhood, look up other similar properties and ensure that the right property is being bought by the customer.

Once the identification stage is over, we and our professionals help in formulating the terms of purchase. This includes drafting the purchase agreement in consultation with the seller. We ensure that the terms of agreement are fair to both the parties and particularly ensure that the buyers’ interest is not compromised under any circumstance. We also go a long way in scrutinizing the other legal documents to ensure that the buyer is on a strong wicket as far as the legality of the property is concerned. We also educate the customer regarding the property taxes that need to be paid once the property ownership is transferred to the buyer. Hence, for those looking for a one stop solution as first time property buyers, we have a number of services to offer.


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